Promote Marikina Women Empowerment Drive

The Marikina Women's Power organization has supported varying projects of the city government. They have initiated learning opportunities for the residents of Marikina and even worked on establishing activities for the youth. As they grow their group, they ensure that continuous leadership and engagement programs are implemented.

 In order to bring forth more activities for the city, particularly, initiatives on women empowerment, the association partnered with VMB Marketing Incorporated on a Health and Wellness campaign. This drive aims to raise funds to provide key and select members of the group with stem cell supplements that will help keep them healthy, active, and strong. Aside from this, they will also receive subsidy that will help continue their advocacies.

 To support the Marikina Women's Power's drive for women's health and empowerment, kindly click on the "ORDER NOW" button below and choose any of the MWED coupons available for your contribution.