"During the pandemic, I was scared that if I catch Covid that will be the end for me because I have hypertension, thyroiditis, diabetes, and hypercoagulability. I felt that getting stem cell injections will be my savior but that will eat up all my savings because of how expensive it is. Until I was introduced to VMB Deer Placenta+ stem cells. Now, I would like to share this with more people who want to spend more time with family, guide them and see them grow old and successful, just as I always dream of." -- Distributor Lizet

The Story of Vivienne Nicdao

Watch how the product started and why VMB Wellness now supports the distribution and genuine goal of VMB Deer Placenta+ stem cells

Let Vienne share the legacy she wants to leave as she continues to become a health advocate for people with cancer, based on her own personal experience.

Diabetes & Stroke

Let your siblings know about the product and share the process of healing.

Cervical Cancer

Elsa was able to avoid radiation and chemotherapy as she heals

Liver Cancer

Surviving liver cancer and prostate illness after enduring the pain for two years

Joseph Carino

Experiencing multiple concerns:

Mr. Mario Ampil

Experiencing multiple concerns:

Norelli Santiago

Teacher Joy